Mere Exposure Effect

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Definition: Mere Exposure Effect

A psychological phenomenon wherein the familiarity with certain people or things leads to increased preference or likability. There is no logic behind this phenomenon. This phenomenon is also known as the exposure effect and familiarity principle. People start liking things just because they are exposed to it over and over again. Even if the exposure to a particular thing is very brief than also they will prefer the one they have observed before.


It will be useful in marketing as many forms of advertising use this phenomenon to create the familiarity with some products.

Another study shows that the more a company advertise the less will be its reputation in the minds of the customers. This exposure effect is helpful for the launch of the new products or a new positioning of an existing brand. In the advertising world creating a memory in the minds of the customers is very important for a brand. As they say “Brand Recall” happens outside the store while “Brand Recognition” happens inside the store. Constant exposure through tv advertisements, print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, billboard advertising and even online banner ads create the sound effect that advertising is aimed for. The customer though look for value for money but often we try some brands for the first time and judge for ourselves as to whether it is good or bad.


The customers will go to the store which is familiar to them. Stay in a particular hotel that they like whenever they visit a particular city. People listen to the popular music or watch the most share videos.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Mere Exposure Effect along with its overview.


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