Time Slot

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Definition: Time Slot

When an advertiser wants to air an advertisement on the TV or radio, he/she needs to book a time duration. The time duration could be of few minutes or few hours, depending upon the ad. It could be during daytime or night. Depending on the slot type, an advertising agency charges different amounts.

These amounts greatly depend on the number of viewers viewing the channel or listening to the channel at that point of time. It also depends on the type of audience to be targeted. Example: Ads targeting house wives are generally aired during the afternoon or at night. Ads targeted towards children are aired during the evening. The time slot is an important factor in deciding the success of an advertisement. A good ad could probably totally fail or succeed according to the time slot during which it is aired.

Often, during cricket matches or such events, an auction is done to book these time slots. The bids go very high during matches that could have a large no, of prospective viewers. Example: India Pakistan match. Not only do advertisers, even the producers and directors of serials are charged differently for different time slots. The slots from 8p.m.-12midnight are the highest charged ones. The time slot also determines the reach and frequency of an ad.


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