Foot in the Door (FITD)

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Definition: Foot in the Door (FITD)

FITD is a persuasion tactic through which a company makes a potential buyer to comply to a bigger request by making him to comply to a smaller request at first. This concept was first studied by Freedman and Fraser. They found that once a person agrees to a smaller request, the chances of him agreeing to a bigger request are more.

FITD is a sequential request process.

Example: -

i) Can I borrow a car to go to my friend’s place? Followed by Can I borrow it for a week?

ii) Can I submit the paper few hours late? Followed by can I submit the paper after a week?

The general door to door selling is sometimes interpreted by the customers to be intrusion in their privacy but a persuasive FITD marked by a series of questions portrays to be less intrusive and helps in better purchase conversions. This would improve sales and help in building better seller buyer relationship.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Foot in the Door (FITD) along with its overview.


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