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Definition: Saleable

Saleable often known as merchantable means a good is deemed saleable if it is in appropriate condition for sale in the market at ordinary selling price that is free from any noticeable flaw and legally available for selling purpose. It means that the item is fit for the purpose it is manufactured and sold for. Sellers and manufacturers are abiding by law to provide merchantable quality items in the market. Otherwise if they do not meet the proper standards then they can face legal actions.

When an article is usable for the work it is meant for and said to be saleable. For example- Soap is for cleaning purpose and meeting the usage and standard that is expected from it. Then soap is said to be saleable.

Basically it should be of enough high quality to fulfil the usage it is meant for and should be unflawed, not broken, uncontaminated and in workable condition. It is set of standards of quality for products that is acceptable among vendors and buyers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Saleable along with its overview.

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