Customer Survey

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Definition: Customer Survey

Firms use customer survey to gather customer feedback. The data generated is used as an input in managerial decision making process about product development etc. Regular surveying can give insights into how good the products are, what the deficiencies in the product are, and what kind of new product development you should focus your effort in.

Customer surveys can be further classified according to the intent of the survey.

1. Market profiling-segmentation surveys: to understand the customer preferences and attitudes and to profile the customer base.

2. Customer intention- Purchase analysis survey: find the underlying intent for purchasing a product. Key to understand the factors influencing customer conversion, loyalty etc.

3. Customer attitudes and expectations survey: To find whether the product meets the customer’s expectations.

4. Customer Trust – Loyalty – Retention Analysis Surveys: Depth of customer attitudes formed about the company .Especially important for high value items with long decision and purchase processes.

5. New Product Acceptance and Demand Surveys (Conjoint Analysis): Yields market share estimates for alternative concept configurations such as product descriptions, graphics, or prototypes etc.

6. Habits and Uses Surveys: understanding how, when and where the product is used.

7. Product Fulfilment Surveys: To evaluate whether the product delivered the promised attribute or not.

8. Competitive Product and Market Positioning: To aces the attributes and benefits of the product or the positioning of the company relative to the competition.

9. Brand Equity Surveys: to measure the brands equity.

10. Advertising Value Identification and Analysis Surveys: To understand the effectiveness of an advertisement in conveying the attributes, benefits and values.

11. Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness Surveys:

12. Identifies the impressions, feelings, and effectiveness in moving the respondent to a desired goal (increased awareness, product information, trial, repeat purchase).

13. Customer Service Surveys: Focus on the actual customer service receives, the process involved and the evaluation of participants.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Survey along with its overview.


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