Direct Response Advertising

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Definition: Direct Response Advertising

It is a channel neutral form of advertising which allows organisations to contact customers directly with techniques which include cell phone calls and messages, emails, dedicated websites, direct mailers etc.

Direct response advertisement is focused on the customer, data and accountability. Direct response advertising is supposed to create actionable output at each stage; characteristics of direct response marketing are:-

A database containing names of customers with relevant details such as demographics, contact information etc. which is used to create targeted advertisements based on past purchase history. The database creation is an integral part of the direct response advertising process.

Marketing messages are addressed directly towards the target audience. The addressability comes in the form of email addresses, phone numbers, website tracking technology etc.

Direct response advertising has a specific “call to action”. Example a mail campaign would want the interested customers to mail back to a specific address or call a specific number.

The entire campaign focuses on trackable measurable responses. Marketers are interested in this method primarily because of the ability to measure the response rate directly.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Direct Response Advertising along with its overview.


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