Client Publics

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Definition: Client Publics

Customers who 'consume' the goods or services of a non-business organization. These are the direct consumers of the services or products of the non-business organization. For example, students and the learning community are the client publics of a university.


A major problem almost all NGOs have to face is regarding their segmentation. They must identify at least two segments - the donor target market and the beneficiary target market, otherwise called the client publics. Client publics are then defined as customers who consume the goods and services of non-business organizations like NGOs. For example, in case of a public school or university, the students are the client publics. In this case, the donor target market - the general taxpayers of the country - is distinct from the client publics - the students. A similar case can be made of blood banks where mostly the person making the donation is distinct from the person receiving the service. However, this may not always be the case. For example, in the case of a temple or church, the donor target market is the same as the client publics - the devotees both donate the money and also receive services or benefits.


Client publics are often contrasted against the general publics - which are the indirect consumers of the products or services of non-business organization. For example, in the case of the school or university, the alumni or the parents of the students could be considered the general publics.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Client Publics along with its overview.


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