Sample Survey

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Definition: Sample Survey

It is a term used in statistics and market research, indicating a survey conducted on a set of sample elements taken from a target population. A survey is a technique of observation to gather, measure and evaluate responses from people. Marketers often use sample surveys to conduct market research amongst target consumers for their brands, since it is not possible to go about asking the entire target population which may be huge in numbers. Hence, using sampling techniques, a representative set of the population viz. a sample is selected and used for conducting the required research, thus saving the cost of surveying the entire population. A survey conducted on the entire population is called a census.

A questionnaire is the most commonly used tool for a survey. Other modes include mobile surveys, online surveys, face to face surveys (interviews and discussions) and mail surveys.

Following points need to address for a sample survey:

a. Sample unit: Whom to survey

b. Sample size: How many people should be surveyed

c. Sampling procedure: How should respondents for the survey be chosen

E.g. For understanding the consumer behavior in buying of luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, the sample unit should consist of SEC A population of urban regions. Samples with large size give good results, but even 1% of the target population may give reliable results if proper sampling procedure is used. Probability sampling helps marketers determine confidence levels indicating the likelihood of a certain type of consumer being representative of the sample. In this case, the marketer may conclude that SEC A consumers having owned 1 luxury car in the past have a 95 out of 100 chance of being representative of the entire luxury car buyer population.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sample Survey along with its overview.

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