Press Kit

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Definition: Press Kit

Press kit consists of the promotional materials that provide information about the product or business that would be useful to address questions from the media, investors and potential clients. It is also known as ‘media kit’. They are mainly used to generate interest in the company and create an impression.

Depending on the audience and situation, there are many things to put in press kit. Press kit can be different for a potential client and a media editor.

Some of the things which can be included in press kit are:

• Letter of introduction

• Company/Product information

• Recent press publications

• Media Files (like photos, audio/video CDs)

• FAQs

• Freebies

• Contact Information

The companies also need to make sure that their press kits are delivered to the receivers. Follow up calls can also be used to strengthen the relationship.

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of online media kits. It makes the task easier for the reporters and public relation team. It gives instant access to all the information and saves a lot of printing and mailing costs


Hence, this concludes the definition of Press Kit along with its overview.


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