Prime Time

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Definition: Prime Time

Prime time is the peak time at which the audience of radio, television or social media is highest. Most TV networks try to aim their programs at the prime team to reach maximum set of audience. The slot is usually in the evening (between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm) with the exception of some major events like World Cup Football when most TV sets are on.

The cost of advertising by the companies is highest during the peak time. Many companies spend around 40% of their budget to advertise in the prime time. Networks also air their big budget programs during this time. There are many polls available to gauge the number of audience which further helps advertisers to reach out to the target audience

Television Rating Point (TRP) is one such tool to measure the audience and judge which programs reach the highest number of customers. In this case, a device is attached to the TV sets of few thousand viewers’ houses. It helps to understand the popularity of a program or a channel.


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