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Definition: Sales

Sales is a transaction between a buyer and seller where the seller provides the goods and services in exchange of money from the buyer. Sales happen when an inquiry or a lead is converted into a transaction or a contract. Most companies have different sales and marketing departments.

The job of sales is to sell the goods which are in stock, to knock on the doors and to negotiate on the prices. Sales people are involved directly with the customers and their task is to make sure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled. A company undertakes many promotional activities in order to boost the sales as it is the true representative of the company’s growth.

Sales is mainly related to selling and do not involves activities like finding out what customers want and why they want it. This is a part of the marketing.


Sales Process

Sales Volume

Sales Analysis

Sales Promotion

Sales Plan

A few other terms related to sales are mentioned above.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales along with its overview.


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