Advertising Page Exposure

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Definition: Advertising Page Exposure

It a measure of the number of times a reader of a publication (newspaper or magazine) will get exposed to a print ad, leaving aside the fact whether the reader actually looks at ad. In very simple terms, it just means an advertisement becoming visible to the consumer. Companies advertising their products usually try to determine the value of the advertising page exposure after which the consumer will actually look at the ad and become encouraged or convinced to try or purchase the product.

The objective of advertisers is to reach this target value for the exposure. For doing so, the advertisers need to choose the right communication medium depending on the target audience. For e.g. for a new car model recently launched, the car manufacturer may publish ads in leading car magazines, which increases the chances of the ad getting exposed to the target audience.

A certain level of exposure creates a certain level of awareness which further creates trial for the product. Marketers try to thus find out the relation between the exposure, awareness and trial. The effect of exposures on audience depends on three factors:

Reach(R): No. of different persons exposed to a media advertisement at least once during a specific period.

Frequency (F): The no. of times in a time period an average person is exposed to the message.

Impact (I): Qualitative effect of an exposure. (A car ad will have more impact in the Autocar magazine than in Femina)

Gross rating points (GRP) is a term used widely in marketing and advertising for measuring total exposure (E) – it is the reach times the average frequency given by E = R x F. If any given ad has a reach into 80% of homes with an average exposure frequency of 3, the GRP is 240.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Page Exposure along with its overview.

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