Preferred Position Rate

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Definition: Preferred Position Rate

Preferred position rate refers to the premium or extra charge/rate levied by an advertising print medium like a newspaper or magazine, to an advertiser who wishes to place her ad in a desirable space of the publication. This is based on the fact that each publication like a newspaper or a magazine has certain attractive places where there is a very high chance of consumers being exposed to the ad. This is analogous to buying a good seat in a sports stadium by paying higher for the better viewing seats.

If an advertiser does not wish to pay this premium, the publisher may place the ad wherever enough blank space is available for the ad to fit called as the run-of-paper position. In such cases a basic flat rate is applicable.

Examples of preferred positions in newspapers or magazines include:

a. The cover page

b. The back page

c. The middle upper part of the right hand side page

d. A space surrounded by editorial content

e. Contextually beneficial spaces like sports pages for sports goods, paparazzi pages for fashion goods

f. The top of a column next to news reading matter(full position)

Each newspaper or magazine has its own preferred position rate.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Preferred Position Rate along with its overview.

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