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Definition: Selling

Selling is an exchange of items in return of other items. It happens when an inquiry or a lead is converted into a transaction or a contract. It is often known as persuading art. The item being offered in selling can be tangible or intangible, whereas the item in return is mostly money.

Selling and Buying are called the two sides of a same coin. Both sellers and buyers first get acquainted, they discuss their needs and desires. Buyer further assesses the value of goods being offered by the seller and decides if the goods are worth the price. Both sellers and buyers involve in the process of negotiation over exchange of items.

Selling is an important part of the marketing. Most companies have different sales and marketing departments. The job of sales is to sell the goods which are in stock, to knock on the doors and to negotiate on the prices. Sales people are involved directly with the customers and their task is to make sure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled. A company undertakes many promotional activities in order to boost the sales as it is the true representative of the company’s growth.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Selling along with its overview.

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