Mass Merchandise

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Definition: Mass Merchandise

This term refers to goods of day-to-day use by consumers, such as milk, biscuits of soft drinks. Mass merchandise needs to be high on availability i.e. should be easily available to consumers and hence are distributed through efficient and wide-reaching distribution channels. Mass merchandise items are usually low priced items and often purchased in bulk.


Mass merchandise is sold through a retailing method called as mass merchandising, which involves sales of staple products mentioned above, at lower prices in high volumes. Discount departmental stores(D-Mart) and hypermarket/supermarket stores(Walmart, Target, BigBazaar) employ mass merchandising techniques.


Exceptional customer service is not a must while selling mass merchandise products; maintaining inventory levels and affordable prices for a wide variety of average income consumers is more important. The stores selling mass merchandise have simple, unadorned displays. The customers pick up products themselves from shelves of the store and put them in self-driven mechanical trolleys. The stores have no. of billing counters where the customer pays for the goods before exiting the store.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Mass Merchandise along with its overview.

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