Twit Pitch

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Definition: Twit Pitch

Analogous to an elevator pitch, a twit pitch is the same pitch shortened down to 140 characters or less. Just like the elevator pitch, it can make the product/service equally memorable. Blogger, Stowe Boyd first publicized the concept of twit-pitch back in 2008.

The elevator pitch explains the brief overview of a product, service, or project that can be delivered in the elevator ride time, usually around 30 seconds to a minute. The new way of pitching, via twitter is now dubbed as the "twitpitch"

Twit Pitch - A slang term used to elaborate an overview of a product or service that is customizably short enough to fit in the 140 character limit of Twitter. A twit pitch is a modern spin or variation of a traditional elevator pitch. Here the difference lies in the fact that the medium is the 140 character limit instead of the time spent in an elevator.

A twitpitch should comprise the important appeal or objective—presented in the space of a tweet. The idea of an twitpitch is to have a prepared tweet that grabs attention and says all about your business, idea or yourself in 140 characters or less to be compatible in the digital world of Twitter.

Condensing a business down to its bare essentials is required to elegantly pitch one’s business idea. And twitter is an ideal tool for this purpose. What makes Twitter unique is that all users have the same assortment of 140 characters. If due diligence and analysis is done, targeted audience can be identified for twitpitches. In today’s world of radical disruptive innovation, the impact of new technology on modern business has made conventional business proposals obsolete. Venture capitalists, angel investors and business executives may probe a business proposal by examining twit-pitches for key words. This puts a lot of onus on the business owner or entrepreneur to explain a potentially complex business in a small amount of text characters.

Social media has changed the world of business such that Twitpitching can be used for 2 purposes:

• For businesses to communicate with their customers with their USP

• For startup companies and entrepreneurs to communicate to Venture Capitalists, etc. for funding.


The ideal twitpitch should have its attributes as:

• evocative,

• aspirational appeal to trigger responses,

• and should be in layman terms, i.e non-technical.

The best way to pitch/advertise new products via Twitter is by sending out a public tweet.

Advantages of TwitPitching

• It is convenient to read, to the point and quick.

• It cuts out the noise from PR and marketing and summarizes what businesses do in 140 characters or less.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Twit Pitch along with its overview.


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