Through the Line Advertising

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Definition: Through the Line Advertising

In order to sell a product or service companies employ various advertising techniques. There are basically three different advertising techniques used for marketing communications comprising of above the line, below the line and through the line advertising.

Above the line advertising generally uses mass media or more conventional forms of media for communication and are more relevant for products with larger or undefined target groups.

Eg. Television advertisement of Coca Cola and Pepsi on national television and hoardings constitute above the line advertisements.

While below the line advertising is a focused approach towards advertising to a particular target group through personalized means and preferably for touch and feel based products. It is generally achieved by sending direct mails and particular promotions directed towards specific individuals meeting a certain criteria as defined by the company as the target group or the characteristics similar to a potential buyer. Below the line promotions are generally efficient and cost effective as the expenditure is minimal and the target group defined.

Through the line advertising strategy is a hybrid trying to employ best of both the techniques in order to achieve improved results. Through the line advertising involves both above the line and below the line advertising which allows brands to have multiple points of contact with the customer and increased customer interaction by bringing a product into the mind of the customer through the mass media while drive the sales decision by repetitive contacts ensuring greater recollection and generating the sale through the occupied mind share.

Generally retailers with membership cards employ through the line advertising as they use mass media to advertise their presence in the market and how they offer the best services while they analyse the customer data to determine patterns and design specific offers and proposals for individuals in order to advertise or promote below the line.


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