Create Customer Order

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Definition: Create Customer Order

Place an order on behalf of a customer is termed as creating customer order. The process allows a Customer Service Representative to take an order from a customer and place it on their behalf. The process ropes placing an order for a guest user as well as a registered user. The overall process is the same for each with the exemption that the registered user has viable information such as shipping addresses and billing information known to the system.

Creating an order for a customer incorporates determining what the customer wants to procure from the catalog and placing the selected items into a shopping cart. It also includes collecting, if necessary, and entering shipping choices, and shipping addresses, as well as managing accessibility choices.

Before submitting/placing an order for processing, the customer needs to provide the store with billing address, shipping address, and payment information. This information is stored for a registered customer for future references. If there are any backorders, customers can choose to move them to a separate order. If there are any predefined discounts, they are automatically applied to the order. Customers can also decide to cash in any available coupons at any point of time.

Prior to submitting the order, the Customer Service Representative can take necessary measures such as order price adjustments, by entering a coupon identifier that will result in a discount, over-riding the shipping charge, and entering an amount that will be subtracted from the order subtotal.


Three Available to Promise (ATP) features are there to handle backorders:

• Do not ship until all the ordered items are available.

• Ship the available items first, and then ship the backordered items when they become available.

• Only ship the available items, and drop the backordered items.


Sub processes involved in creating a customer order

• Place guest order for customer

• Place order for customer

• Place order for customer



The above flowchart describes the process of customer ordering.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Create Customer Order along with its overview.

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