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Definition: Spokesperson

A spokesperson is someone who speaks or is engaged to speak on behalf of someone. It can be a company, a product, a political party or any important group of people. Presently the world around us has become very media sensitive and organizations like to employ formally trained officials for this role in order to make public announcements in the most appropriate way, and the most appropriate means and channels to maximise the gains from favourable avenues while reducing the impact of unfavourable ones.

Generally companies who use television advertisements hire celebrity (Sport star, actor, etc.) Spokesperson for their commercial advertisements, this helps in creating a brand recognition with the star. While the CEOs, CFOs and other high ranking officers in an organization can also dawn the hat of spokesperson.

A spokesperson is a representative of the organization and should refrain from sharing his individual viewpoint. The spokesperson’s job is to represent and highlight the organization’s positions, despite having conflicting views. It is preferred that spokesperson have a long standing experience with the company and support the organization’s goals.

Due to various array of organizations hiring spokespersons to represent them in public, their duties, functions, roles and responsibilities need to be made clear while electing or hiring a spokesperson.

While getting a celebrity spokesperson can be costly and difficult to acquire, choosing the right celebrity to represent the brand is very important.

Celebrity spokespersons are generally classified into 3 categories:

1) Celebrities: Actors, comedians and musicians

2) Athletes: Currently active sport stars, Olympians and chow broadcasters

3) Experts: a famous person who is generally considered to be the judge of industry standard in a field

Finding a correct fit, the person whose image and personality are in sync with the company or the products desired image and message is quintessential.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Spokesperson along with its overview.


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