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Definition: Sponsor

To sponsor is to support a person, an organization, event or an activity through products or services or financially. A sponsor could be an individual or a group that provides support like a benefactor. One that pays fully or partially for an event is exchanged for advertising time


How does sponsors work ?

Sponsors pay to wear their logos, usually by high profile people. Their aim is to publicize the logo as much as possible. For example Roger Federer, the ace tennis player sponsored by Nike. It signed a 10 year deal with Roger Federer for a price of $13mn a year.


Such high profile iconsreinforces the values and status of the brand by endorsing them

• Coca Cola sponsors FIFA World Cup. In return of sponsorship, they are given an advertisement slot in the prime time during telecast, logo on thre players’ jersies. This helps them publicize amongst masses

Different types of sponsors are –

• Financial sponsors – pays money in return of outlined benefits

• In-kind sponsors – donate goods and services in place of cash

• Media sponsors – Sources media coverage

• Location sponsors – sponsors location like offer boardroom for an event

• Labor sponsors – donates talent of it’s employees example employees working on a research of a societal issue

• Signature sponsors – one who pays permium to become a lead sponsor


Types of sponsorships –

• Business sponsorships – sponsoring events

• Non profit and Foundaiton sponsorships – sponsored by large businesses ttowards causes deemed important by the NGO’s trust

• Federal sposporships – sponsoring project undertaken for the common good

• Individual sponsorships – sponsoring an individual, organisaiton or an event


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sponsor along with its overview.

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