Press Release

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Definition: Press Release

Press release, also known as media release, news release is a communication either in a written or a recorded format released for the purpose of announcing something noteworthy. It is an attention grabbing news story targeted to draw the attention of journalists and publication houses.

Elements of Press Release –

• Headline : Summarizing the issue briefly which could grab attention

• Dateline : Includes date of release and mostly originating city

• Introduction : Answering the basic questions like-

o What

o Where

o Who

o When

o Why

• Body : Giving background, explanation, statistics and other details

• Close : Closing body of the item

• Media contact information : Contact details for the PR

Below points could be taken care for effective news release –

• Write down the answers for who, when, what, why as putting them in a paragraph becomes quite easy thereafter

• Try to capture the story in around 50 words

• Try to make first paragraph in 25 words or fewer as it gives a punch to the reader

• Follow up with the sender before printing the publication

• Study the target audience to write accordingly

• Release should have factual tone and should be concise. Additional information could be added in the notes section

A publicity agency could be hired for releasing information to the newswires, which then disseminates information. Release could also be self-published, wherein the press release is directly sent either to paid and free distribution service or to the local newspaper. These distribution services then give the content to their media outlets.

Following could be used to target media and press –

• National press – for significant impact

• Consumer press – for more mainstream message

• Specialist press – the sector of the company

• Local press – in the area of the company


Hence, this concludes the definition of Press Release along with its overview.

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