Yellow Pages

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Definition: Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a business telephone directory organized by categories within a geographical area, and advertisements are sold in it. Within each category, the items are arranged alphabetically. It was first printed on yellow pages, hence is named “yellow pages” came about in 1883 and first official Yellow Pages directory came about in 1886.

In some countries like Israel, Czech Republic, Belgium Yellow pages are known as Golden Pages. Traditionally these are published by local telephone companies but are now being printed by independent publishers also. These are typically printed annually and are distributed free of cost to households. Publishers make profit by selling advertisements in it.

Now, the traditional term is also applied to online directories of business, which is known as Internet Yellow Pages “IYP”. They are also known as vertical directories. Internet Yellow Pages produces high quality lead as when a customer reaches Yellow page, he/she has already decided to buy a product and the only decision pending is from whom to buy it. IYP allows small businesses to target its audience by advertising locally.

In IYP, the listing is different from standard search engines which return the results based on relevancy, the IYP returns result based on geographic area. Newer IYP gives priority to local businesses in place of the regional or national player. This service offer paid advertisement which allows preferred placement on result pages.


• The logo known as “Walked Fingers” was created by Henry Alexander, a well-known artist from New England

• This logo is not trademarked as it has become a generic indicator of yellow pages without meaning any particular resource

• This logo is used in varying form by mostly all the yellow page publisher


As the usability of printed Yellow pages has gone down, environmental concerns over the printed directory has been rising. Study shows that nearly 70% Americans never or rarely used the printed directory.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Yellow Pages along with its overview.

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