World Class

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Definition: World Class

World class also known as Best in class is the highest level of performance in the industry which is used as a benchmark or standard to be achieved to exceeded. It calls for being foremost of the best in the world and to achieve excellence of international standard.

All service organization strives to achieve best in class customer service. However, many experts’ opinion is that best in class in all aspects is impossible to achieve. But an organization must do everything which it can so that its customers perceive it to be closest to possible best in class. To achieve best in class, service organization need to depend on formulation, development and implementation of best in class practices so that they can support their operations.

To actually know whether an organization is currently performing best at or near best in class, it first needs to benchmark to see where exactly it stands with respect to other organizations.

The General Accounting Office of the U.S. suggests following guidelines to find out what is best in class:

• Organizations providing right amount of training and empowerment to front line employees to resolve customer problem in its first occurrence

• Making easy for the customers to voice their complaints or concerns through a formal, user friendly and accessible process

• Considering complaints as positive feedback and opportunity to improve

• Seeking to maximize the resolution to a problem

• Providing a formal and satisfactory closure to the problem

Best in class organization follow the following:

1. Make it easy for the customers to voice their concerns

2. Listen and respond to customers quickly

3. Resolve problem in the front line itself which helps in building customer confidence

4. Use of technology

5. Continuous training of employees


Hence, this concludes the definition of World Class along with its overview.

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