Permission Marketing

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Definition: Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is the opposite of interruption marketing wherein instead of interrupting the customer, the consent of the customer is taken to send the marketing information to sell goods and services. Permission marketing acknowledges that treating people with respect is the most appropriate way to earn their attention; it recognizes that if and when someone chooses to pay attention, he/she actually agrees to pay something precious hence it becomes an important asset which could not be wasted because lost attention could not be gained back. 

It is a relatively new term coined and developed by entrepreneur, Seth Godin in 1999. The traditional marketing methods focus on attracting the customer’s attention from whatever they are doing. This type of marketing is called “interruption marketing”. 

Pros of Permission marketing:

• More effective - Permission marketing offers customers to choose if they want to be engaged, the customer is more receptive to a message hence it is much easier to convert leads into sales

• Build long term relationships – Through personalized targeting, business can interact and build a long term relationship with the customer

• Cost efficient – Business needs to target the identified prospects

The key drivers of permission marketing are scarcity of attention and extraordinarily low cost to reach people who are interested in listening to you like RSS and email.

Examples – Voluntarily signing up to receive monthly newsletters, opt-in emails wherein user sign up to receive information about a product or a service.

To get permission one has to make a promise like “We will give you ,gyms” which is the only hard part to do. One can promise newsletter and connect with the customers for years but a promise remains promise unless both the sides agree to change it.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Permission Marketing along with its overview.


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