Product Sample

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Definition: Product Sample

Product sample is a sample of a consumer product given free to the customers to try before making a purchase with a purpose to acquaint the consumer with a new product. It is used as a strategy to encourage users to buy the product. Various ways in which product samples could be given are free sachet with magazines, free sample (not for sale) with another consumer product etc.


Product samples could be used to promote a product by deciding why the product is being samples. For example a toy could be sampled for feel, a drink for taste. Whatever the product is, a clear idea of sampling forms a necessary part of marketing plan before which mission and core value of the organization must be recalled to remind why the product should be tried. For companies which are new, product samples gives customers an experience and sense of understanding of an unknown product.

One the “why” of sampling is decided, what needs to be worked on. For an organization with single product, this decision is easy but for an organization with multiple product lines, a few more choices need to be made. One of the options could be to rotate between various products. Finding target audience is equally critical for the sampling to be successful. It could be done by diving the market into several pillars and adopt an extensive sampling program

Sampling requires thinking out of the box as what is being packaged matters to the customers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Sample along with its overview.


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