Run of Schedule

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Definition: Run of Schedule

Run of schedule is part of television advertising wherein the company has various budget constraints and wants to adopt mass marketing despite the constraints. Under the run of schedule advertising the Broadcaster or the television station can position commercials anywhere in its schedule wherever it is convenient for the television station. Due to lack of advertising budget, and a specific target market and the need to reach a large audience compared to another medium it forms a possible alternate.

A similar practice is also prevalent in newspapers and radio stations and are called run of press and run of station respectively.


Advertising forms an important part of the marketing communication framework for a company. It helps in catering to a large mass and in creating and spreading brand awareness of the company and its products.

Advertising is always dedicated to a target market and depends on identifying the right buyer motive. In order to implement an advertising program a marketing personnel needs to follow the five M’s, i.e., the five major decisions.

1) Mission: Highlighting the advertising objective and sales goals

2) Money: Determining the budget and allocation across different media types based on the product’s stage in product life cycle, market share and consumer base, competition, desired advertising frequency, and product substitutability

3) Message: Conveying the message that the company wants to put across in order to aid easy recollection, by following the process of message generation, evaluation and selection keeping in mind the execution and the social view in picture

4) Media: What media type to use from the possible options keeping in mind the budget and the target constraints based on the desired reach, frequency and impact keeping in mind the timing and the geography and the prevalent media options

5) Measurement: To determine the impact of the promotion in order to know the impact of the advertising

Hence, this concludes the definition of Run of Schedule along with its overview.


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