Customer Facing

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Definition: Customer Facing

Customer facing means dealing directly with the customers of a business. Customer facing roles are very important from the organisational context as they can make or break company’s reputation in just one instant.

It can also have another meaning like some software which is used by the customers. For example, netbanking facilities provided by most banks today are examples of customer facing as they provide customers with a real banking experience which is virtual but is very similar face to face banking.

Customer facing aims to understand how a business service is viewed by the customers i.e., how it is perceived by the prospective customers. It is an integral component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and aims to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction at all touch points.

Several customer facing technologies are viable business investment options and are an important tool for customer analytics.

When done well, a good customer facing software or application can save a lot of money for the firm. However, if done poorly, it can frustrate the customers and cost the firm dearly, both in terms of money and customer loyalty.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Facing along with its overview.


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