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Definition: Make-Good

Make- good is an activity done by an advertising medium such as a television channel, newspaper, radio stations, magazines etc., in order to correct an error that they had made while advertising a product or a service. This is done by the medium since the error was on their part, and they have an obligation toward the advertiser to correct the mistake that was committed by them.

This is usually done by giving the advertiser what is known as ‘rerun credits’. These errors may be of different types such as the placement of the advertisement, timing errors in the commercial, or even the content or composition of the ad, if it has been composed by the advertising medium in the first place.

When giving these rerun credits to the advertiser, the advertising medium is promising to make the error good, which is done by re-running the ad whose content/ placement and timing has been corrected.

For example, if a company X pays an advertising medium, say a newspaper, to advertise its product, and during the advertising, the advertising medium makes an error in the product name or other details which are published in the newspaper, the advertising medium (i.e., the newspaper, would give the company X rerun credits to publish their ad again in the newspaper, after correcting the details).


Hence, this concludes the definition of Make-Good along with its overview.


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