Service Desk

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Definition: Service Desk

A service desk is an interface between a company and its customers or employees. It ensures that proper analysis, production or distribution of data happens in a proper manner. The service desk is structured in such a way as to optimize services and increase customer satisfaction.

The main tasks that are handled by service desks are incidents and requests. An incident is the occurrence of an event which may cause a disruption in service quality. A service desk strives to minimize the impact to the business flow due to service failures. It also helps in facilitating the effective and efficient communication between various users. It helps the users to get the appropriate help in a timely way. Requests are handled by providing help for a routine task. Service desks generally have high volumes of interactions with the customers. Besides service desks, call centers and help desks are also used for user or customer support.

A service desk can assist with different layers of service, such as the Network operations, Systems operations and database operations. They also help with security management. By effectively operating a service desk, a company will be able to improve the satisfaction levels of the customers and the employees too.


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