Sole Usage

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Definition: Sole Usage

Sole usage is a marketing metric which gives a measure of how many customers out of the brands entire customer base, use only the particular brand. i.e., it gives a fraction of the customers of a brand, which use only this particular brand.

It can be expressed in percentage as:

Sole usage % = (no. of customers of the brand who use only that brand) x 100/Total brand customers

This fraction of the customer base generally consists of highly loyal customers, since they do not buy any products of other brands. It may also include customers who do not have access to products of other brands.

For example, if the brand X has a total customer base of 10000. Now, suppose 8000 of these customers buy other brands as well, I.e., the remaining 2000 people use only brand X. Now, the sole usage percentage for brand X in this case can be expressed as 2000 x 100 / 10000 = 20%


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sole Usage along with its overview.


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