Cash Register

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Definition: Cash Register

A cash register is a machine used to record a large number of small transaction at the point of sales in store. Cash register also has a storage where different notes & coins can be kept for efficient transactions.

A cash register is usually seen in retail store, Petrol pumps and fast food restaurants where usually the transaction is done using cash and there are frequent no. of transaction.

The cash register maintains the record of the all of the transaction and makes it easy for the owners/managers to reconcile the transaction and the collection. Cash register has replaced the old ledgers used for recording transaction and helps in saving lot of time and human errors.

Now the new cash registers are connected to the printer and these are used to generate invoices also there is a storage provided in the cash register to safely keep the cash which can only be opened by using a security password.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Cash Register along with its overview.

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