Front Desk

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Definition: Front Desk

Front desk is defined as place where sales and marketing and other service departments comes in direct touch with customer and contact with back office or admin department for smooth functioning of organisation and maintaining two way flow of information. Front desk or reception of organisation is generally called as face of the organisation as they are the ones who are directly interacting with customers.

The front desk can get information of guest/customers by asking casual questions and can provide this information to service department for providing better personalised service and thus increasing revenues of the organisation.

Staff working in front desk has to be trained to handle customers along with daily tasks like printing and providing additional information about departments of organisation to customer. The problem faced by front desk staff is they are low on motivation as they have to do repetitive work and are paid less salary compared to staff in other departments within the organisation. This problem should not be ignored by the organisation as front desk staff is mirror of company and their interaction with customers directly affects the image of the company and unhappy customers might affect the profitability of the company. Also challenges faced by front desk staff are handling of bad tempered and stubborn customers.

Thus front desk staff should not be ignored and continuous training must be provided to them for developing their interpersonal skills and also increase their motivation. Front desk can be an important resource of customer information if properly utilised.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Front Desk along with its overview.


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