Curiosity Approach

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Definition: Curiosity Approach

A curiosity approach is a tactic used by sales people for increasing their sales. A curiosity approach is based on the hypothesis that people will give attention to those things that induce curiosity in them. Curiosity approach is used in various ways in advertising of products and usually receive higher response than those advertisement which do not use the curiosity approach. Even in personnel selling like emails and telecom sales teams are widely using the curiosity approach and these mails have higher response rate.

It is said the sale is won or lost in the first few minutes so a curiosity approach is beginning and this approach is helpful in getting the customer involved into the discussion. Once the discussion starts the sales person needs to understand the needs and wants of the consumer and then pitch him accordingly.

For example:- the television news media are widely using the curiosity approach to bind the customers to their channels. They flash the breaking news in such a way that the consumer becomes curious and waits for certain news and hence increase their TRPs.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Curiosity Approach along with its overview.

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