Commissary Store

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Definition: Commissary Store

Commissary stores are retail outlets that are operated by the US Defence and have a separate defence commissary agency for operating these retail outlets. These commissary stores are operated for the service men who work in the US defence services so that they can buy the goods that are available in the United States at their military base location.

In India defence canteens exist on a similar concept and are used by people working in the Indian army, navy or air force. For using a commissary store the service men have to reveal their ID cards that are issued to them


These commissaries are beneficial to the service men in two ways as they get the same products that are available in their home country and secondly these commissary are tax free. The products that are sold in these commissaries are charged with a small surcharge over and above their cost. By using these retail outlets the service men can save significant amount of money.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Commissary Store along with its overview.

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