Flash Report

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Definition: Flash Report

Flash reports are business reports usually of key performing indices (KPIs) which are for the use of internal management use. Flash report are said so as they are small in nature and only show key factors looking at which the managers can take short term decision. Flash reports are used in various functions in an organisation like operations, finance, sales etc.


Flash reports are not for internal management only and not shown to external people as they contain confidential data and indicate the key parameters that a company uses for supporting their decisions.


For a manager the flash reports provide a quick idea about what is going on and which process/financial are not okay accordingly the managers can make adjustment. Nowadays organisations are using real time analytics to generate these flash reports which are shown on the dashboard on a real time basis and this has made the decision making process very efficient and quick and avoids huge losses.


For example an operations manager will receive control charts, labour utilization, electricity consumption etc. of the processes that are ongoing in the production accordingly if any process is going out of control he can take the necessary action.


For a finance manager the report can indicate if the company is running out on cash or the account receivable is increasing so that the internal management gets aware and can take timely action.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Flash Report along with its overview.


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