Random Digit Dialing

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Definition: Random Digit Dialing

Random digit dialing is a technique for conducting surveys, where telephone numbers are generated randomly using some algorithm and the survey is conducted on the person who picks the call on the other side. This practice is followed at dense places where the population uses mobile or landline frequently.

In survey firms does this kind of market research to collect ample amount of data and perform analysis and come up with recommendations. Generally used to find out the reach of a product, the latent demand or aspirations of rural population, election exit polls results etc.



Telephone system is divided on basis of nation or ISD code, area or STD code, telephone exchange code. So, this method uses algorithm that generates last two digits of telephone numbers randomly every time on the basis of STD code, telephone exchange code, bank account number etc. There are many telephone numbers which are although in use are not listed in telephone directories. Telephone directory gives only 10 to 20% of numbers under use. But, to get a unbiased and clear survey, every existing telephone number should be probable to get a call randomly which is fulfilled by random digit dialing technique. It not only considers the numbers listed in the telephone directory but also the unlisted telephone numbers. Generally, this kind of survey is conducted in two phases.



1. Cheap: Reduces the cost of survey which would have been incase it was personal interviews instead of random digit dialing technique.

2. Easy and faster way to complete any survey.

3. The way questions should be asked by interviewer could be controlled.

4. Unlisted number dialing is even possible.



1. No feelings and emotions of the interviewee could be recognized during survey.

2. Many people might not accept calls or even when accept calls might not feel free to share personal information to a stranger.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Random Digit Dialing along with its overview.


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