Impulse Intercept Merchandise

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Definition: Impulse Intercept Merchandise

Impulse Intercept Merchandise are those merchandises or products which the customer buys in an impulse after seeing it for the very first time. Impulse Intercept merchandise are generally dependent on the placement of the goods in the particular store. Before buying the good or availing the service the customer had no perceived need for the good or the service. 

The aim of business houses is to make their good or services an impulse intercept merchandise.

What do we do for making our good an Impulse intercept merchandise

1. Placement of goods is done at the eye level of the customers. The shelf spacing in the retail outlets are brought after paying hefty charges so that customer can have a view of the product and therefore an impulse to buy it.

2. Attractive advertising also appeals to many customers and therefore they are pulled up in buying the product.

3. Irresistible offers such as deep discounts and bundling techniques are used by the advertiser to generate the perceived need among the customers.

4. Recent trends such as neural mapping and neural marketing techniques have been used recently for generating perceived need. For e.g. - Suppose a person likes both a French and a Spanish wine and is equally inclined to buying both of the product. In such a case if the vendor wants to sell the French wine then he may play a French song in the background to derive the customer into buying of French wine.

5. Design of POS are such that they are eye catching and attempt is made to make it more lighted.

Impulse Intercept Merchandise good are generally low ticket good and hence attempt should be made to make it more customer friendly so that customers have the repurchase intent for the good purchased or the services availed.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Impulse Intercept Merchandise along with its overview.

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