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Definition: Canvasser

A Canvasser is an individual who performs multiple roles which includes door to door marketing, putting up stalls on the street or filing up feedback forms and other ground works. The main characteristics of a canvasser is that he/she delivers the message in person and on the ground. The primary aim is to spread information about the product or service among the potential customers. It is different from a salesperson as its primary job is to educate the customers and fix appointments for the sales team not to sell the product.


Why Canvasser?

Canvassing is a cheap and effective way of marketing as a canvasser meets the people face to face and give answers to their needs and requirements on individual basis while other forms of advertising address the masses. Hence, it improves the prospects and augment the conversion rate.


A canvasser extract the opinion of not so vociferous public which forms the majority of the customers. These customers neither have the awareness nor willingness to take out time or put some extra effort to send their message or opinion about the product or service which they avail. They simple switch to other alternative if not satisfied with the current one. Hence reaching out these customers and taking their opinion become vital.


It also helps understanding the perception of customer about the product at the ground level. Ground reality can vary drastically from what is perceived by the stakeholders sitting in the office. Hence, to reach out maximum customers and info their minor grievances can really help in improving the product and future prospects.


Skills required to be a Canvasser

There is no formal education required to become a canvasser but since, Canvasser interacts directly with potential customers, he/she should have a good understanding of the business to answer all the queries. Additionally, he/she should possess good communication skills to get along with people very well.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Canvasser along with its overview.


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