Hard Goods

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Definition: Hard Goods

Hard goods can be defined as those goods which are generally consumer durable goods and last for a longer period of time. These good include goods such as cars, computers, mobile phones, chairs etc. which last longer and can be easily differentiated from other similar goods.

Difference between hard goods and soft goods

A hard good differs from a soft good in term of life of good. While a hard good lasts for a longer time duration a soft good lasts for a shorter time period. Also for the same reason the depreciation of a soft good is higher than that of a hard good. Adding to this the resale value of the soft good is lower than that of a hard good. The storing and packing of soft goods is also a problem. Some of the companies that manufacture soft goods are textile companies, food processing industry etc.

Logistic and Distribution Perspective of Hard Goods and Soft Goods

A hard good is generally durable and hence does not have so many issues regarding packaging and transportation of the good. On the other hand soft good is brittle and easily perishable and therefore require special care while they are being transported from one place to another. Also since the soft good are those which perish very easily, the no of distributors of soft good is significantly larger when compared with hard good.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Hard Goods along with its overview.


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