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Definition: Goods

Goods are generally defined as things which can be seen and felt by the customer. Since goods can be seen and felt by the customers these can be easily differentiated from each other. The concept of good is primarily related to the traditional brick and mortar industry where these are sold via the retail shops. The concept of good is of paramount importance as they need to be differentiated from services so as to ease out marketing activities and plans.

Types of Goods

There are basically two type of good- hard good and soft good.



1. Hard Goods- These are those goods which generally last longer and include consumer durables. These have a relatively longer life when compared to soft good. Example include cars, Bicycle, trucks etc. Since these goods have a relatively longer life, they are easy to transport and handle.

2. Soft Goods- These are those good which are comparatively brittle and have a shorter life. These good needs elaborate packing while being transported. These include good such as clothes, Rubber and other related good.

Difference between Good and Services

On one hand while goods can be seen and relatively differentiated from other similar and dissimilar good services are tangible and are instantly consumed after their production. This makes them very difficult to differentiate from other services. Another aspect that differentiates goods from services is the measure of quality. While the goods can be easily measured for their quality services are difficult to measure and hence improve.

From the aspect of marketing the marketing of good is relatively easier than services because it is something which can be seen and felt while this is not the case with services.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Goods along with its overview.


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