House to House Salesperson

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Definition: House to House Salesperson

House to house salesperson is one who goes every door pushing his product among the regular consumers. He/she tries to convince the consumer of the perceived benefit of the good and tries them to convince them in buying the product. The house to house salesperson gives a product demonstration to the every household, and all those you feel the need to buy the product, can buy it from them.

This concept is limited to companies such as Aquaguard, Amway and other similar products.

Recent Trends

The concept of house to house sales person has taken a dip as more and more companies are focussing on pull strategy rather than push strategy of marketing. This means that more and more companies have started believing that the pushing and tricking consumer into buying of certain product does not work out in the long term.

In the recent times we have seen that the role house to house salesperson has been restricted to educating the customer about the problem without trying to sell their goods to the consumer. They have also been assigned the responsibility of creating word of mouth marketing for the product so that branding and selling of good can be achieved.

Traits of a good House to house salesperson

1. They should possess excellent communication skill

2. They should have excellent persuasive powers.

3. They should thoroughly know the product they are selling.

4. They should be warm, cheerful and calm while dealing with the customers. They should not get angry when the customer says something them.

Future trends

In the future it is expected that the demand for house to house salesperson will further go down as the world goes more and more digital. It is expected that as more and more of us go online we will need people who can convince people online and get them to buy product.


Customer Loyalty loop and its relation with House to house salesperson

The figure shows the customer loyalty loop and in this loop the house to house sales person plays an important role in the stimulus part as they are the one who activate the customer about the products.

Hence, this concludes the definition of House to House Salesperson along with its overview.


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