Registered Trademark

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Definition: Registered Trademark

Registered trademark is a trademark when officially registered by the owner with the government or any official entity. Trademarks are basically used by individuals, organizations or other legal entities to distinguish itself from others through possessing unique sign, design or expression.

Types of Trademark available which can be registered:

• Any arbitrary or invented word

• Names including surnames or individual name

• Symbols and Monograms

• Any combination of letters or numerals

• Marks having 3-dimensional sign

• Shapes of goods or their packaging

It is a legal process provided under the Trademark Act, 1999. The Trade Mark Registry is the government body in India to register trademarks. It acts as an information centre and resource for trademarks in the country and responsible for protection of marks as well as preventing fraudulent use of marks.

A registered trademark contains information regarding class or type of goods/services registered, address and particulars of trade of the proprietor and the place where trademark is registered.

The duration of registered trademark is for 10 years which can be renewed further for 10 years by paying fee.


Symbol Used:

® - This registered trademark symbol is used to denote the registered trademark which means it can be only used by the owner of the mark after registering with the national authority for trademarks in respective country like TMR India.

™ - This trademark symbol can be used with any general law usage of a mark (Not a registered trademark symbol)

Hence, this concludes the definition of Registered Trademark along with its overview.


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