Regional Edition

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Definition: Regional Edition

A regional edition is a product that has been customized according to the specific needs of the geography that the company is serving. The characteristics of these products are altered or modified as per the customer preferences in that particular region.

Many products that a firm offers in one region of the world may not suit the specific needs and demands of the people in another geography. So the companies do some research to understand the demands of the new region and change their products according to those needs and serve to the consumer.

For example: - Let’s take an example of a magazine which is published in the United States. The magazine will have the specific detailed opinion of the business, economy and political opinions of United States. But if the same magazine is tried to sell in India it may not sell as the Indian consumer may want to read in-depth about the ongoings in India. So the magazine publishes their regional edition to cater to the needs of the different user in different regions.

Similarly HUL is one such global company that adjusts its products according to the needs of the country that it sells its products and in that country also it has different offerings for different regions. Like it has different product offerings in urban and rural markets

Hence, this concludes the definition of Regional Edition along with its overview.

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