Lower Class

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Definition: Lower Class

Lower class are the group of people in the society who are below the middle class. They have low income, have limited education, and also don’t have required skills to get a skilled job. Now the word low income is subjective since it varies from place to place.

A person earning less than $1000 in a metropolitan might be treated as lower class whereas the same person earning $1000 in rural area might come under middle class. This category of people are generally poor and have a larger family to feed compared to middle and upper class people.

The lower class people don’t get a proper food, shelter, education etc. They are so poor that they often do not get a full meal in the whole day. They are deprived of basic needs and they have no choice to make. In India these kind of people have occupation like driver, electrician, plumber, carpenter, cook etc. The basic requirement of such group is just to get the basic needs fulfilled. Therefore, these group of people are least interested in comfort kind of goods. For him or her a Surf excel detergent and Wheel detergent means the same thing and whichever shall solve his or her purpose of washing clothes in less price is a better deal for him or her. So, it is obvious that a consumer belonging to the lower class is more focused on price of the product rather than its features or ingredients. This group buys mostly on impulse and have a heavy credit which they generally take from the local merchants.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Lower Class along with its overview.

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