Productivity Sales Goal

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Definition: Productivity Sales Goal

Productivity sales goals are the goals set for the sales team which they have to achieve in order to attain the objectives set regarding the sales for a time period. Sales productivity means increasing sales which reducing the resources like cost, time, manpower etc.

Every sales manager should think about the goals that he or she should set for a period so that salesperson can achieve it. The goal should be realistic ones but should also increase the productivity from one period to another. Apart from setting the goals what is more important is employee engagement. This means manager should align the career goals of each individual with the overall mission and vision statement of the company. He can help the sales team achieve the high productivity by setting four basic sales goals.

They are:

• Setting clear picture: Before selling any product, salesperson should be aware of what he or she is selling and what his or her company wants from him or her. Also, manager should set the roadmap for success for every individual in the sales team and should give each one some kind of ownership so that a sense of attachment is remains in the sales team with the company. Everyone works better when motivated. So set clearly what each individual will get if he achieve the target.

• Building a team: People work better in groups than individually. There should be a team working for sales and not individuals trying to compete with one another. Manager should understand the strength of teamwork and should organize team building activities like party, lunch, outbound fun etc. to help individuals mix together. No individual wants to be responsible for the underperformance of his or her team.

• Help in personal growth as well: Managers should make individual aware that company is with individual not only professionally but also personally. That means, company should look after the social welfare of its individuals to create a strong bonding.

• Reducing costs: This is the task of manager to periodically find out how and where the costs can be reduced without affecting the welfare side of employees and increasing the sales productivity.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Productivity Sales Goal along with its overview.

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