Newly Married Stage

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Definition: Newly Married Stage

Newly married stage is one of the stages in the family life cycle marketing, where a couple is married, and they are financially stable. In most cases, at the newly married stage both the partners are earning i.e. they are DINK’s (Double Income No Kids). Hence, these customers are financially more stable and hence spend money on buying quality products, focus on investments & are open to exploring the products & services on offer. The products that are focused on this class of people are home appliances, furniture, insurance policies, expensive home decorative etc.

Before getting into the topic, let us first understand the concept of family life cycle marketing. Family life cycle marketing is marketing of goods and services which are targeted to a specific stage of one person life. Every person right from childhood till old age goes through various phases of life. So family life cycle marketing targets the various phases of one’s life to promote the goods. While marketing, the marketer takes into account the size of family at every stage of the person’s life too. There are four stages of family life cycle according to the marketers, they are:

• Bachelor stage

• Newly married stage

• Family full nest 1 and nest 2

• Empty or solitary nest 1 and nest 2

Newly married stage is the stage when a bachelor starts his or her married life. Since it’s a phase with less responsibilities and couples are in late 20s generally, this is the phase where the person can spend more in his life. It might be possible that both husband and wife are working and are much financially stable. The focus of these people is more towards quality products and not on the quantity. This is the phase where marketer wants to attract a lot of customers for their products. The person thinks about quality and durability keeping in mind the future, so will invest in those products that are for long term and have high quality. After this stage comes the family full nest 1 where the couple has children and do not take impulsive decisions anymore and starts saving money than spending on luxury goods.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Newly Married Stage along with its overview.

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