Consolidated Buying

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Definition: Consolidated Buying

Consolidated buying refers to purchasing all the related products together from one shop or location. It is a concept in marketing that talks about how marketer are able to retain customers and increase revenue of the firm by consolidating the products. It makes the life of customer easier since he or she can purchase everything at one point, thus saving time and money.

Advantages of consolidated buying

• Consumers saves time and money in finding products by visiting different locations.

• Marketer can attract more number of customers, thereby increase the bottom line.

• Consumers get a variety of brands.

• Helps in enhancing the brand image of the firm.

Let us discuss in detail about this term with an example.

Suppose an automobile firm sells car and has a showroom in a city. Now, if that firm also sells accessories of cars like seat cover, tires, stickers, bonnets, and other spare parts along with the car then such kind of selling is consolidated selling. Customers need not have to go to different places to get these items. It is like a one stop destination for all the automobiles requirements. So whenever any customer plans to buy any such product the first thing that comes to the mind is this firm showroom.

Similarly, mobile stores now a day offer such kind of services. They sell not only mobiles but also its spare parts like battery, charger, screen guard, cover, cleaner etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Consolidated Buying along with its overview.


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