Order Card

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Definition: Order Card

Order Card refers to a card or a document on which products are ordered on a card and then the card is sent to the party responsible for delivering the goods. Order card consists of all details which a buyer wants in the product, according to which a product is sent across by the seller.

Past scenario

In the olden days when there was no computer and internet then these order card played a vital rule in the delivery of the product. The people who wanted to get the delivery of a particular product used to order it on the card and then the card was sent to the supplier. The supplier used to acknowledge the receipt of the order card and the product was dispatched.

Current scenario

With the advent of the internet and computer these order card has been phased out and these have been replaced by Excel order sheet.

Now the requisition is placed on mail and the offer is also acknowledged via email.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Order Card along with its overview.


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