Deal Merchandize

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Definition: Deal Merchandize

Deal Merchandize means the practice of selling of goods and commodities to the customers by performing and applying different activities and techniques. It is mainly targeted at retail customers and involves marketing of retail products to increase sell. The basic principle involved in merchandizing is – selling off the right merchandize to right customers and that too at appropriate time and suitable place with ideal pricing.

Merchandize refers to goods and commodities (generally manufactured ones) which are bought and sold in any kind of business. The inventories stored in warehouses can also be called as merchandize.

There are several strategies to deal merchandize in a market place. Some of them are –

• Display of commodities in such a fashion that the visual impact attracts the customers and prompt them buy it or buy more if already bought.

• Discount on merchandize – It is another way to deal merchandize where inventories are sold at discounted rate so that it boost up the sale.

• Sale – Sale involves discount on large scale. Generally, in a sale all the items are sold at discounted price. Proper advertisement and promotion of the sale is done to entice the customers. A very common example is sale by Big Bazaar in certain days like Wednesday or weekends. This sale is aimed at increasing sales or selling off the old inventories.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Deal Merchandize along with its overview.

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