Mall Intercept

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Definition: Mall Intercept

Mall intercept is a type of customer feedback interview which is conducted in a mall by asking random shoppers questions relevant to market research or opinion of the general public. It is a kind of survey in which interviewee are intercepted at malls hence the name Mall Intercept. It involves three steps - Stopping the shoppers in the mall, judging them for relevance or appropriateness and then taking them to any interview centre situated in the mall or asking questions on the spot with their consent.

However, the mall intercept interviews should not be taken as a sample of population as each mall will have its own characteristics of customers. Also these surveys are more effective when demographics like age or gender doesn’t influence the findings.

A good example of mall intercept is review of movie. People shopping in mall are asked about movie re-view i.e. how was the movie. Then assumptions about the movie performance or story are made from those interviews

Benefits of Mall Intercept

• It helps in both quantitative as well as qualitative data collection. More than a survey, Mall Inter-cept is one on one interaction where participants can provide quantitative inputs as well as dis-cuss about their perception (Qualitative)

• It is a convenient and economical way of collecting data as the interviewer doesn’t have to go to different places to interview different people. She/he can interview many people at the same place.

However, not everyone is ready for the interview. Some people are shy, some are not interested while some may be in a hurry. So not everyone is ready to give the interview. The Rejection rate is generally very high. For Ex- It is possible to have only 5-10 interviews in a crowd of 100 people in a mall.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Mall Intercept along with its overview.


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